The February Roundup

Wow, some real stand-out albums this month. Some not so good ones as well. We can’t have it all though, can we? With a change in my job role I am going to be busier than I used to be. I will endeavor to find quiet offices where I can plug my headphones in and carry on reviewing. Thanks for all of your kind words over the last month. I am glad that people are reading.

Now, without further delay:


It was a toss up between The Echelon Effect‘s Field Recordings and Betrayal at Bespin‘s Rains. Both albums displayed songwriting that take me places when I listen and it has been hard to say for definite, but I have decided on…drumroll…Betrayal at Bespin.

The fact that this album puts you into a film that has never been written is inspiring. The nods to different genres without the music becoming convoluted and schizophrenic is the sign of ingenious song writing. You all should go and listen to this album and buy it. Now. Thanks.


Charun‘s De Ortu Solis was the first record to get a bad score from me. It did improve the more I listened but it was not enough to make it an album that I would listen to again. By all means have a listen, you might find something you like, but there are plenty of other albums you should listen to instead.

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