Album Review: Medemia Argun – Ash Of Nubia

Ash of Nubia

Band: Ash of Nubia

Title: Medemia Argun

Genre: Alternative, rock, instrumental, post-rock


Band introduction: Ash of Nubia is Marco, Aldo and Fab from Torino. We’re kinda postrock band. We play desert, we sing ash. – Taken from the band’s Bandcamp page.

1st Listen: This starts like a classic rock track with pop rock sensibilities. It’s alright; more of a post-rock\metal sort of feel is incorporated. Some of the heavier riffs do remind me of early Red Sparowes, which is no bad thing!

What is also good is that this band is not afraid to put different influences into the tracks. I’m getting rock, metal, punk, post-rock and, despite being listed as instrumental, some vocals are thrown which have a shoegaze sort of feel to them.

Am I getting much from it though? Not really, there are some really great ideas in here, I don’t have any gripes with the production, the songs are written relatively well; but there is an underlying “amateur” feeling that I get from it. I think some of the riffs could have been better conceived; perhaps I’m being too harsh, but I am relatively indifferent to this album.

2nd Listen: “Wrong Mistakes in the Right Place” kicks off like a grungy punk band, but starts to explore the riffs in a typical post-rock style i.e. working around the same riffs but changing dynamics. It’s a nice track, but does not really deliver.

“Dust of hope” feels like a nu-metal track to start, but then delivers some clean guitar parts with some great choir like synths behind then. Really sounding good, but the vocals detract and spoil the feeling. Luckily they are short lived and it builds back up with the God is an Astronaut style synths being used to very good effect. The vocals come back in and ruin the feeling again.

“Your Zenith is My Horizon” is similar to the other tracks in that it starts heavy and then gets more subdued. The clean parts are really what make this band stand out; the heavier parts are not pushing the right buttons for me. I can imagine this track is pretty cool live though.

Ballad time? “Soft as the Massacre of Suns” starts off clean and builds nicely and does not bring in the chug heavy riffs until a little later. I can’t help but struggle to differentiate between the tracks enough. There’s nothing wrong with having a sound, but it needs developing so that I know which song I’m listening to. What is bad about that is that I am doing a track by track review and therefore should know which track I’m listening to!

There are more vocals in “Be What You Breath”. Now I know that vocals are difficult to get right, and I applaud anybody for trying, but they don’t work here. This the weakest track on the album so far.

“In this Morning it could Happen”, but it does not. I could really take or leave this track; it is music like the others and does not excite me at all.

I am still not enjoying this album and I thought I might start to get something out of it. One more spin and we will see what happens…

3rd Listen: “Dust of Hope” is a really cool track, apart from the vocals. It is definitely the strongest on the album. When not scrutinising the tracks, as I am prone to do on the second listen, this is a pleasant album to listen to. That it does not hold up to close inspection is obviously a negative, but it could be much worse. I’m not aching to hear this again, but I would not switch it off.

Conclusion: A good background album, but it only delivers on that level. Closer listening shows that the band could do with more song writing experience to truly give us an album that blows us away. I believe they have that ability; we just need to wait and see.

  • First Impression: Indifferent
  • Final Impression: Indifferent
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