Album Review: The Broken Suite – Diego Stocco

Diego Stocco

Band: Diego Stocco

Title: The Broken Suite

Genre: Experimental


Band introduction: Diego Stocco is an Italian sound designer and composer for movies, television and video games. He also constructs musical instruments and has used both a tree and a burning piano in his pieces – Taken from Wikipedia

1st Listen: Damn, I’ve listen to a lot of music today and had to give them all Good ratings. I was hoping for something to mix it up a bit. Should I be complaining that all the new stuff I’m listening to is sounding cool?

Actually, I wrote that during the first track. Second track is not getting off to a good start. I like discordant, glitchy, music but this is not doing it for me so far. Shame, because the first track, “Broken”, was a keeper.

Next track I’m not too sure about either. It does have an industrial, Nine Inch Nails, flavour that is tempting me to like it, but it is not touching the right buttons yet. Same with the last track, there is something there; I’m just not getting it yet. My initial thought is that I need to listen to this again.

2nd Listen: Broken comes in like an episode of Inspector Morse! A single piano key lays down now a simple melody. Then heavily equalised drums enter followed by synth bass line and lead lines weave in and out of each other. The instruments drop out and there are layers of different noises, possibly including a clock ticking. The instruments come back in and take us to the end of the track. This is a promising first track, chilled out, dark, trip-hop like electronica.

“Half M” has a main melody that is discordant and has an eastern feel to it. Rhythms chop and change behind, giving a glitch type feel to the mix. I really enjoy glitch, but the overall melody is off putting. I really can’t find it in me to like this track.

“Shatterproof” has an industrial edge to it. It sounds like its using Timpani drums (or at least a sample). I can’t get along with it though. The track doesn’t take me anywhere. Unlike “Emily” which is a cool little track that has a dark vibe to it with a really brooding piano part that really works along with the electronic beeps and waves of dark synth.

A good end to a half disappointing album, or should I say a half pretty good album? I don’t know if the two good tracks are good enough to overshadow the two mediocre tracks.

3rd Listen: After a third listen I am actually more prepared to listen to the tracks that I didn’t like before. Whereas the tracks that I really liked are just OK, but still better than those I didn’t. I think that as an experimental artist Diego Stocco has to push his boundaries and because of that you won’t often create music that is instantly gratifying. One of his other releases is a recording made using twigs that he got from his back garden. I’ve not heard it, but I can imagine it’s a release that have to work with, rather than “getting” it straight away. Despite giving him an excuse, I’m not going to be rushing back to listen to this again.

Conclusion: The Broken Suite is a recording that I feel most listeners would need to be patient with and give it time to grow on them. An understanding of Diego’s other works would be beneficial, to give context, and that is something I lack. I may revisit Diego Stocco in the future, but I’m not champing at the bit to do so.

  • First Impression: Indifferent
  • Final Impression: Indifferent
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