Album Review: I Have Lived Like An Animal, But I Will Die Like An Angel – BONE DANCE



Title: I Have Lived Like An Animal, But I Will Die Like An Angel

Genre: Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Sludge, Post-Hardcore


Band introduction: BONE DANCE is a progressive hardcore band from Boise, ID. – Taken from the band’s Facebook page

Utter, desert-driven nihilism. – Taken from the band’s Bandcamp page

1st Listen: Heavy! The first track bludgeons you into submission and the album continues to do so. Short blasts of 2 minute songs move from sludge to hardcore and back again. Not being an expert on this genre of music, I listen to it occasionally; I can’t effectively compare, but Converge come to mind. The vocals are solid hardcore shouts, by the third track I’m feeling pretty worn out. Whether that is the unrelenting noise coming through my headphones, or just the caffeine comedown I’m way overdue; I don’t know. I would wager that it is the latter.

Having not listened to any hardcore recently this is a breath of fresh air. Love it!

2nd Listen: “No Sun” opens the album under a wave of feedback and a sludgy wall of guitar chords makes way for a riff that is reminiscent of early Isis, a band that I truly adore. It becomes “Apolonio” and the shouted harsh vocals make their first appearance over the repeated drum fills and hardcore riffs. Like most of the tracks, this is about 2 minutes long; it finishes long before it feels it should.

The drum intro “Black Tongues” is awesome. This track is faster than its predecessors and really driving. The breakdown at the end is nice and sludgy and ends the track well.

It feels like this albums tempo is increasing track by track as “Dead End Rendezvous” charges headfirst through my headphones; only to take a slight step back for the rest of the track until the track’s ending seconds plow into my ears and makes way for “Ghosts” which barely lets go until about a minute in where it allows me to take a breath.

“Felix Wolfe” is the shortest track on the album and does not give you much time to think before it is over. “Your kind eat the young” bludgeons into the mix, the drum roll build towards the beginning is a welcome break from the full on riffage of the previous tracks. Then it is back again, unrelenting, until the tracks end.

“Nom De Guerre” doesn’t let up either until a trail of feedback is left to build into a slower sludge section that makes way for “David” and its pure sludge intro riff. This is the longest track on the album, at 5:17, and has more noticeable melody rather than the usual power chord heavy riffage.

The album ends with “…And they had it all” which starts off in much the same way as “David” but gets faster as it progresses and incorporates a lot of chugged guitar chords to carry the vocals.

Across the album the vocals are very similar screamed\shouted harsh vocals. I have to say that this makes me happy. I find some similar bands that I listen to will try to incorporate clean vocals and this barely works. If you can’t sing, scream!

3rd Listen: I do like this album; it’s not breaking any boundaries, but then it was released in 2009. I doubt it was breaking boundaries then. It’s raw and does not mess about with anything like clean vocals (different sound, but I much prefer Killswitch Engage’s first album to anything else they ever did. Reason? No clean vocals!). The sludge ideas contrast with the hardcore elements enough to keep the sound fresh throughout. I do think that on certain tracks a little more experimenting could have been explored. That is just a little suggestion. However I have not heard any more of their material, they no longer play any of this album’s tracks live, so I will be exploring their later releases to see how they have progressed.

Conclusion: This album takes no hostages, back to back hardcore and sludge. If you want to let out some aggression I’d definitely give these guys a listen.

  • First Impression: Good
  • Final Impression: Good
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