The January Round-up

So here we are, the end of Tenacious Listening’s first month. I have managed to give 8 albums a review. I hope to increase that over time as I now have some reviews in progress and a long list of albums to listen to. At the end of the month I will highlight the best and worst albums of the month. So without further ado…


Four albums got the highest score I could give this month. Out of those four I think it has to be Tales of Murder and Dust that takes the award. Especially as you can get the album on vinyl, despite my review saying it is a shame you cannot get it on a physical medium. Their trance inducing, droning tracks come together to make a mystifying album steeped in noise and psychedelia. Well worth a listen.


Without a doubt it has to be Psychojets debut. Not a catastrophe of an album, but just not engaging enough to make me want to listen to it again. On a plus side, the band have potential to put out something truly great in the future. I think they just need a bit more song writing experience.


As this blog is essentially a work in progress, I am looking at making changes to improve it over time. After one month I think that the basic rating system may be too basic as 50% of the reviews have given top marks. I’ll be monitoring over the coming months and will make a change if necessary.


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