Album Review: Light – Like A Paperplane

Like A Paperplane Band: Like A Paperplane

Title: Light

Genre: Alternative, instrumental, post-rock


Band introduction: A aeroplanino of paper and a game, a child thing, a piece of paper that he pretends to be an airplane. However, that piece of paper flies, works with the same conditions of an aircraft true. It is a beautiful metaphor to say that we all have dreams, we would like to be the aircraft true, but sometimes we feel of paper. The point is that if we wish we can also fly us. In 2012 and released our first EP, Light. – A bad translation of the Biography section from the band’s Facebook page.

1st Listen: The first track took me by surprise. I had already made my mind up that Like A Paperplane would be really ambient and chilled out. No, we have got a “rocky” post-rock band using crunchy guitars to play with simple one note melody lines. It’s nice. That’s not a real positive description though. Just…nice. It gets better through out the E.P. though, and I’m looking forward to listening again.

2nd Listen: “#8” Is the first track on this E.P. The intro is a really good example of post-rock at it’s finest. A simple idea built upon until a “main” riff is reached and then worked around for the rest of the track. The two guitars intertwine effortlessly and the rhythm plays the perfect supporting role. It’s a shame about the poor fade out ending. Didn’t have any more ideas guys?! “Light, Now” begins with some classic tremolo picked lines and some keys sit behind the guitars and really give the track a nice relaxing feel until about three minutes in we get a crunchy rhythm guitar that helps the track step up a notch. This is a really typical post rock track, but done right; building up to a crescendo that doesn’t come because the track ends. The next track, “Basement” starts in full “rock out” mode before stepping back to guitar and keys. The drums drive the track along but keep the instruments in check until finally letting them go about 3 minutes into the song. I could hear this track being really powerful live. I think the recording loses a little bit of that power and the track ends disappointingly. It just sort of ends; no promise of what could have been, no final release of tension. “Memories” is a beautiful track to finish the E.P. with, the first half anyway. I love that it stops half way through and brings the instruments back in. I was glad it didn’t bring in a balls out solo that it so easily could have done. The part after that doesn’t feel right, to me, and is the weakest point of the EP. It goes back to the first half’s feel and then sort of ends. If anything, this band needs to work on finishing their tracks better. You can write the best music in the world, but if you can’t finish those ideas you lose some of the power you’ve established in the track. Still, I’m really enjoying this E.P.

3rd Listen: Much like a lot of this style of post-rock, Like A Paperplane are really easy listening. The whole EP is really well put together and on this 3rd listen I’m happy to just sit back and let the music take me. I’ve got to say that “#8” is my favourite track, but it is a close call. I’ve just clicked that they have a really God Is An Astronaut like sound; so if you dig them this is definitely worth 20 minutes of your time. Go and have a listen!

Conclusion: Light is a God is an Astonaut flavoured post-rock EP that bodes well for the band’s future. Well structured and uplifting, with a little more attention to detail in the way the tracks finish, I will be looking forward to hearing more from Like A Paperplane. It is well worth your time.

  • First Impression: Good
  • Final Impression: Good
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