Welcome to Tenacious Listening

Being a passionate musician, and therefore, music habitué, I find myself listening to lots of music on a daily basis.  When I was younger, and music was harder to get hold of, I would buy an album from an artist that I thought I would enjoy and eagerly take it home for a listen. Sometimes I’d be disappointed that I’d spent my money on something I didn’t like, but loath to admit that I’d wasted my money; I would keep on listening. Before you knew it the music began to make sense and the album was a keeper. On other occasions I’d instantly love an album only to find that after repeated listens it would lose it’s magic and find itself shelved indefinitely.

These days music is much easier to get hold of and listen to. Admittedly I can very often listen to a piece of music once and if it doesn’t tick all of the right boxes I’ll never listen to it again. A good friend of mine will judge a song on it’s first 20-30 seconds and if it does not immediately impress she will skip it on. Could we be missing some absolute gems? As life gets faster and time becomes more precious it is easy to consume and discard without a moments thought. I have started this blog to try and make more time to give music a chance.

I am by no means a writer. Hopefully my spelling and grammar will hold up and not dissuade you from reading, and hopefully you will get something out of this also.

My intention is to review albums. I’ll listen to the album three times. Each time I will write a short review and see if the album grows on me, or gets worse with each spin. I’ll give it an initial rating and a final rating which will show how my opinion of the album has changed. The rating will be either bad, indifferent, or good. Not rocket science, not revolutionary; but it works for me.

My first review is of Rhone‘s Inter Sidera.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Tenacious Listening

  1. Is this blog still active? I’d like to send a pre-release EP for you to review!

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