Album Review: Inter Sidera – Rhone


Band: Rhone

Title: Inter Sidera

Genre: ambient, instrumental, jazz, post-rock


Band introduction:

“Rhone is a thematic, instrumental rock band. This one would like to think that they are working on adding a new flavour to the genre, incorporating influences like jazz, classical and sludge rock.” – Taken from the band’s Facebook biography.

1st Listen:

As the first track, “Maar”, slowly creeps into my ears I decide that this is just going to be your standard Explosions In The Sky wannabe post-rock band. I switch off and continue going about my day until the heavier guitar parts of “To and From” break my concentration. The band continues to surprise me by breaking the Explosions In The Sky formula, but by the end of the album I can’t pinpoint any stand out moments.

2nd Listen:

The slow beginning of “Maar”, with the repeated single note holding the piece together, is rather emotive. Three minutes into the track the drums kick in and the guitar begins to progress to a slow building crescendo. There is nothing outstanding and by the time the track drops out to nothing, and moves into the next part; I am disappointed by this transition. Rhone goes into full Explosions The Sky mode for the rest of the track.

“Makeshift House” is more of the same. It’s not until about 2:50 when a beautiful melody comes into play and the song really becomes something beautiful.

“To and From” throws in some sludgy distorted guitar after another long melodic intro. It’s not as stand out as the first time I listened, but the progression into a clock like guitar part that sits behind distorted single chords that grow into distorted walls of noise is incredible. Unfortunately the track just stops and leaves me wanting more.

“Death of a Curse” follows a similar pattern. A slightly overdriven beginning leads into distortion and feedback about 3 mins in. The melodic section that it flows back into is brilliant.

The album closes with “Monolith”.  Really enjoying this track as it rises and falls and new interesting parts come and go. It peaks too soon though and couple have been a minute or so shorter.

3rd Listen:

I found myself not really bothered about listening again for a 3rd time. Pressing play I was reminded how beautiful the first part of the first track is and was glad I took the time. I’m really enjoying this play through. It’s by no means a perfect album, but for a debut it is pretty solid. Just don’t judge Rhone as an Explosions In The Sky rip off before you’ve listened to the whole thing.

Conclusion: Rhone is not bringing anything new to the genre, but this debut bodes well for their future and is definitely worth repeated listens.

  • First Impression: Indifferent
  • Final Impression: Good
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